Beep Beep! Day for pre-schoolers

BeepBeep 200Every year hundreds of children aged 2-7 take part in a special Beep Beep! Day organised by their kindergarten, early childhood centre, school or childminder, to help save little lives. It's a great way to engage children with the road safety basics through fun activities, while raising awareness among parents and the wider community about protecting children on roads.

We provide free and low-cost resources to help you run your events and reinforce those important road safety messages.

Each year we hold two national Beep Beep! Days with Timmy Time, but if you can't take part in one of the national days, you can run your Beep Beep! Day on any day of your choice. The national dates are:

Wednesday 6 May 2020
Wednesday 18 November 2020

Use the button below to register for free. Everyone who registers will receive a free electronic action pack full of resources to help you run your activities. 

BBD Timmy Reg

Timmy Time - helping young people learn about road safety

Beep Beep Day Timmy Walking satchelTimmy's youth and inexperience make him the perfect character to help very young children learn important lessons about road safety.

As Timmy and his friends head off to nursery they have lots to learn about the important things in life, including caring for other people and 'doing the right thing'.

Bumper packs

For a small fee you can receive our Beep Beep! bumper resource pack.

Bumper packs contain stickers and certificates for all children taking part, posters to promote your event to parents and lots of road safety activities.

Order your pack here for just $12.50 +GST or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Planning your Beep Beep! Day

Beep Hand paintEvery death or injury on the road is a terrible tragedy and it's particularly horrific if the victim is a young child. Beep Beep! Days help children, parents and your community to put road safety first. It's also great fun and helps Brake support road crash victims by fundraising for the cause too! So follow our easy steps to running your day and keeping road safety in mind year-round too!

1. Pick the date you want to hold your Beep Beep! Day on and register it using the button above.

Beep biscuits2. Consider what learning you want to achieve. Pre-schoolers should never be allowed near roads on their own. They are impulsive, small, and their vision and hearing are still developing. But even at this early age, you can help give them the language and understanding of some key road safety lessons such as the importance of holding hands around roads, and of using child seats in vehicles.

3. Can you reach out to parents through your work? Do you have concerns about parents parking or reversing dangerously? Driving too fast? Not holding children's hands? Not using correct child seats? Could the children do something on Beep Beep! Day to help parents understand their responsibility for children's lives, while delivering this message in a positive, community-centred way?

4. Once you've decided your goals, get planning your activities! You are the expert, so you decide, but you can find some fun ideas to get you going here, and you can use the activity cards in your e-action pack too!

Beep Trips in vehicles5. Fundraise for Brake! It's easy. In your newsletter, say you are running a Beep Beep! Day for road safety, to raise money for Brake. Invite parents to dress their children in their brightest clothes on Beep Beep! Day and bring along a gold coin donation for Brake. Use the poster in your resource pack to advertise it.
Then donate the money you've raised by clicking on the "donate" button at the top of this website.
Thank you!

6. Now you've started, keep going! If you don't have one already, write and implement a road safety policy. You can also follow these two links for information about keeping kids safe on trips away from your premises:
Organising trips with kids on foot
Organising trips with kids in vehicles (pdf)

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