Engaging young people in road safety

2Y2D Workshop 200Whether you work with young people already, or are looking to engage young people in road safety, this webinar provides useful information, tools and resources, and activity ideas for engaging young people.

The information provided has been developed in line with research and best practice, to provide you with the advice, tools and structure you need to run high-impact, interactive activities to get young people on board with road safety. The webinar is based on Brake's Pledge, which provides simple, critical ways everyone can help protect themselves and others on roads, and seeks commitment to these key behaviours.

The information is based on the principle of getting young people to develop realistic strategies for using roads safely and sustainably and avoiding risky situations that can lead to tragedy. It helps young people consider the impact of crashes and driving, and recognise how they can make safer and more sustainable choices.

Who should attend:

  • Teachers
  • Youth workers and other professionals working with young people
  • Professionals who promote road safety
  • Emergency services personnel
  • Health workers
  • Road crash victims wanting to volunteer by telling their story
  • Young people and community leaders.

Forthcoming dates:
There are no dates currently booked in, check back soon.

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