Freedom to move

A campaign to give people space to move in ways that are safe, sustainable and healthy.

To be safe, sustainable, active road users we need footpaths, cycleways, and great public transport. Yet many of us find it hard to get around because we don't have these facilities. Our campaign calls for the freedom to move around our communities and country in ways that keep us safe and active, and in ways that don't damage our planet.

Around the world, the Liveable Cities movement (which calls for cities for people) and Vision Zero movement (which calls for an end to road casualties) are gaining momentum. The United Nations New Urban Agenda (signed in November 2016) included powerful declarations in support of these movements. Cities and towns are starting to change, but the speed of change needs to increase.

What are we calling for?

  • City and town planners to transform where we live into "liveable" space, prioritising and enabling the needs of people on foot and bicycles through segregated and prioritised space, and ensuring traffic speeds are reduced and public transport made accessible.
  • Footpaths and crossings that connect homes, schools, shops and other important community facilities.
  • Cycleways separated from roads to protect and enable cycling by all.
  • Restrictions on the types of large vehicles we allow in our towns and cities. Trucks and buses must have good direct vision (driver is able to see more around their vehicle to enable them to see people on foot, bicycles and motorcycles) and indirect vision (mirrors and cameras). Ultra-low emission zones restrict high-polluting vehicles from entering city centres.
  • An increase in the number of accessible refuelling points for ultra-low emission vehicles in our towns, cities and on our road networks.
  • The needs of motorcyclists to be considered centrally by planners; they are also vulnerable road users and are often hit at junctions in towns and cities and on high speed rural roads. A significant number of casualties on our roads are motorcyclists.
  • Development of automated vehicles with the needs of people on foot and bicycles prioritised. Automation must not result in reduction of space for walking or cycling, loss of public transport, increase in pollution or increased risk for people.

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