Driving for Zero

Campaigning for zero tolerance of impaired driving

Driving for Zero is Brake's campaign for zero tolerance of impaired driving. It tackles issues relating to alcohol and drugs calling for "none for the road". It also tackles driver tiredness, poor vision and other impairments relating to health.

What are we calling for?

Driving for Zero aims to save lives through evidence-led, legislative interventions, including:

  • a lowering of the drink drive limit to an effective zero tolerance level for all drivers across New Zealand.
  • comprehensive roadside drug testing across NZ as well as continued drink drive enforcement.
  • compulsory eyesight tests for drivers.
  • rigorous enforcement of laws relating to impairment, including driving hours for at-work drivers.

We are also working to:

  • Tackle impairment within commercial fleets, including driver health checks and technology that prevents and warns of impaired driving.
  • Educate law-abiding drivers about how to avoid low-level driver impairment, which can also cause crashes.

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