Your road safety policy

Below is a template road safety policy to copy onto your system now and amend/develop according to your needs. It provides the bedrock on which to build your road safety initiatives. Use the guidance elsewhere in this online educator resource to develop your initiatives.


  • The safety of our children will always come first. Our most important priority is to prevent the death or injury of a child while in our care.
  • If out and about with pupils on foot, we will always prioritise walking safely, in line with the latest safety advice.
  • If transporting pupils by vehicle, we will always prioritise doing so safely, in line with the latest safety advice.
  • We will teach road safety within our learning time, integrating into project work in a range of curriculum lessons as well as teaching separately in safety and citizenship lessons, and reviewing the amount and quality annually.
  • (For establishments with available safe road environments.) We will teach practical pedestrian and cycle training at the roadside in line with best practice advice.
  • We will get involved in useful awareness-raising initiatives that promote road safety within our wider community, such as Brake's Road Safety Week, Giant Walk, and Beep Beep! Day as appropriate for the age-range of children, and initiatives by others as applicable.
  • We will aim to improve the safety and environmental standards of transport to and from our premises by having a School Travel Plan that aims to reduce use of cars and improve the safety of children on foot or bikes and that we implement and update annually by encouraging and educating parents and pupils about sustainable transport issues.

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