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Brake works with communities, government and organisations to bring about changes that ensure everyone is free to move in safe and healthy ways. Brake works to end the tragedy of death and serious injury on roads through a Vision Zero approach. We won't stop until the carnage ends. But we need your help...

There are many ways to support our work, such as contacting your local MP or running activities in your community. Use the links below to find out more about our campaigns then check out our advice on campaigning in your community.

Keep up to date with our work on Twitter and Facebook, or browse our latest campaign news in our campaigns news centre.

VZ with strap 200Vision Zero

Every death and serious injury on the road is horrific and unacceptable, with devastating consequences for families. Brake supports the Vision Zero approach to road safety. This approach aims for a safe transport system which recognises that humans make mistakes on roads, but that these mistakes shouldn't result in death or serious injury.

Read more about Vision Zero.


School campaignsFreedom to Move
To be safe, sustainable, active road users we need footpaths, cycleways and great public transport. Our campaign calls for people to have space to move in ways that are safe, healthy and sustainable.

Pace for People
We need safe and appropriate speed limits in order to reduce deaths and injuries, encourage more people to walk and cycle, reduce pollution and improve health through active travel.

Driving for Zero
A campaign to deliver zero tolerance for impaired driving including drink and drug driving, eyesight, health and tiredness.

Phone Smart
A campaign to stamp out deadly driver distraction by texts, emails and calls.

Modern Vehicles
A campaign that embraces developments in vehicle technology that can save both lives and the planet, and calls on developments to be implemented in line with Brake's vision of safe, sustainable, healthy and fair transport.

Safer Fleets
A campaign which seeks to improve the safety of at-work drivers.

Roads to Justice
A campaign for better justice and support services for people bereaved and seriously injured in road crashes.

Visiting Drivers
Sometimes a holiday of a lifetime ends in tragedy. Visiting drivers cause deaths and injuries on our roads, often due to basic lack of experience of our road laws, or trying to travel too far, too quickly and too tired.

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