Zak the zebra's top travel tips for parents and kids

Be There!

Be there

It's great to have freedom when a child, but don't let kids under 8 out on their own near roads.

Hold Hands

Hold hands

Don't let children run ahead. Hold hands or if pushing a buggy/pram, they should hold on to it.


Don't be shy - wear visi vests!

Kids love 'em, and they're cheap - particularly important on your bike.

Aged 8-11?

Aged 8 to 11?

Know where they're going. Help them plan a safe route. If your area has fast traffic, don't let them out alone.

Kill your speed

Kill your speed

Drive below 30 kph (under 20mph) to protect kids around schools, shops and homes. If you know a teenager who drives, teach them speed is the number one killer and to slow down.

Buy the safest

Buy the safest

Log on to for crash test results. Look for pedestrian crash ratings. in other words, if you car hit a child, what is their chance of survival?

Keep kids on the inside

Keep kids on the inside

If there's no pavement, teach kids to 'hug the wall' if they hear traffic.


Stop. Think. Look. Listen. Live.

Say what you need to do and cross with care - every time.

Child in car seat

Belt up in the right seat

Children should use a child seat that's right for their size and weight until they are 12, or 148cm tall. Buy new. Fit right. Check often.

Extra kids

Never carry extra kids

If you don't have the right seats for them, don't carry them.


Walk to school

Cars near school gates are dangerous and horrid for those who walk. If you drop kids off on your way to work, park a few streets away and walk the last bit. try to walk the whole way once a week or more - and enjoy the time with your kids.

If in doubt

Cycling's great if safe

Brake says: kids shouldn't cycle on roads unless 11 or older, their route is not plagued with fast traffic, they have passed an on-road cycling course, their bike is in full working order, and they are wearing a visi vest and a helmet. Campaign for separate cycle paths and 30kph limits in your town!

Take a look at our free road safety activities and games for children and families.

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