Guide to asking others to give or help!

Step one: Tell people what we do, and why!

  • Someone is killed on NZ roads every day and many more are injured
  • Brake is working to stop people being killed and injured on roads through community education campaigns
  • We coordinate Road Safety Week
  • We support people bereaved and injured in road crashes
  • Donations pay for this work to be developed further
  • For more information on Brake read the contents of

Be loud and proud about Brake's work and why we need support! Every community has road safety concerns. Most people have concerns about losing a loved one on the roads. Everyone can be asked to support Brake by giving and telling others about the cause.

Step two: Invite people to give!

They can make a donation right now through this website using the donate button at the top of the screen or through you. Or they can fundraise and have fun! There is something for everyone in the fundraising pages of this website. 

  • If they are an adrenalin junkie, they can parachute jump, white water raft, or many other exciting activities!
  • If they are really fit, they can mountain climb or do a marathon
  • If they want to get fit, they can do a fun run or a cycle ride or a buggy push
  • If they work in an office, school, or some other organisation, they can hold a Bright Day, when everyone comes dressed crazily bright in return for a gold coin donation to Brake!
  • If they want to have fun, they can organise a party! Organise a fun day at their local pub, or sit in a bath of baked beans - we don’t mind as long as it helps Brake!

If you are promoting fundraising while giving a presentation to a group of people about Brake's work, pass a plate round for donations. If you have collected funds and need to pay them in, go to the donate button at the top of this website.

Step three: Invite people to volunteer!

The easiest way to volunteer is to pledge to drive safely. All drivers can do this, and drivers have the ultimate responsibility for safety on roads. For more volunteering opportunities, click here.






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